Think you want to be a roller girl? No experience necessary!

First, there is a mandatory off-skates meeting. Fresh Meat Orientation is where all rules and regulations are reviewed and signed. The practice schedule and insurance information is reviewed before new skaters are allowed to skate. Recruits are interviewed about their skating experience, if any, and their desires and expectations. The recruits are informed of the dues and methods of payment.

Second, recruits are made aware there will be surveys about the club and it’s procedures that are required to be completed at various regular intervals. Recruits are informed of the methods for addressing any grievances or issues.

Last, we make sure recruits are aware of the required equipment in order to be safe on the track. We want our new skaters to be completely prepared for the track, so a handout is available in paper or electronic format. This handout details the ins and outs of the equipment that required and/or optional, as well as preferred sources.